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Named after its founder, Dr. Ida Rolf, Rolfing Structural Integration is a type of body work.*

Rolfing helps re-educate a client’s body and mind to help them find a more vertical relationship with gravity.  Gravity consequently becomes a nurturing force rather than a force to struggle against.

Life circumstances, injuries, emotional and physical traumas can all pull the body out of balance.  Consequently, a person might feel “stuck,” remain in chronic pain, and or feel a lack of vitality and resilience.

With Rolfing, old habitual and structural patterns are released, creating room for new and spacious possibilities to manifest.

Chronic pain and discomfort often disappear or are diminished substantially after, and sometimes during, Rolfing. Clients usually feel lighter, taller, and upright. Greater flexibility and dexterity are other subsequent benefits.

Other changes, however, can surprise the client in powerful and delightful ways. Clients have reported feeling less stress, more confidence, and a deeper sense of peace.

Regardless of who you choose to be your Rolfer, please make sure they are a verified Certified Rolfer.  This way you will help preserve the legacy of Dr. Ida Rolf and increase your chances of receiving quality care.  You can verify here.  I would be found under:  James Allbaugh.  Thank you!

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