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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation was developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath.

​It is a highly effective and gentle form of body work.

​It is a modality I use often.

​Visceral Manipulation works with more than just the muscles and adjoining fascia. It addresses functional and dysfunctional relationships found in organs, bones, joints, ligaments, membranes, arteries, and nerves to name a few.

​We rely on the healthy interrelationships between all forms of anatomy within our body.

​When this does not happen, chronic pain and structural imbalance can result.

​For example, if an organ does not move properly, it can profoundly affect its near and distant neighbors.  Dysfunction in one area can create a cascading ripple effect throughout the whole body.

​Over time, the body will compensate in every way it can to protect the affected organ. At some point, however, the body can no longer compensate. When this happens, you may get back pain, neck pain, foot pain etc.  The ripple has now affected the whole body.

​With Visceral Manipulation, I gently release this restriction and others.  Various aches and pains in the body begin to dissipate. The body finds structural integrity once again.

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